About Us


TIMES TRAVEL & EXPLORER SDN BHD was incorporated in April 2013 with its network of certified professionals spearheading their expertise to capture a call for exclusive small and medium size Bumiputera retail agencies tour solution provider.

TIMES TRAVEL & EXPLORER SDN BHD the opportunity to expand and to be successful in regards to the National Tourism and Travel industry of Malaysia having improved its economy and consistently growing healthily. We saw a niche market to provide a supplementary service for global ground tour solutions inbound and outbound.

Our tour plan will soon be spanning from all continents that we believe to be fit and most reasonable. This would enable for all inbound and outbound medium size worldwide agencies to be competitive as well as innovate and place them on par with the key players in the industry.

TIMES TRAVEL & EXPLORER SDN BHD is expanding its network to provide direct service contact in an ever widening range of destination. As we progress, we intend to develop a long term partnership with hotels and all other vendors, combined with our strategic future plans enabling us to offer the best available bargain rates, even in the periods of peak demand. Even at this intermediary stage, we realize that it is vital for us to seriously place huge effort to prepare, deliver and maintaining our service.

We look forward to become your trusted business partner and work together cooperatively to increase our mutual benefits through this collaboration.


Yes, we are serious when it comes to business. In order to serve you better, we are registered with SSM, KPL, MATTA, MOF and IATA.

Registration No. - 1041742-H
KPL License Number - KKPL7214
MATTA Members - MAA4362
MOF Reg. No. - 357-02211908
IATA - 203 1504
Bumitra Malaysia - KM 723